• Static Voltage Regulator

    Datadigital-SVR is with no moving parts in the static voltage regulator. Voltage regulation is performed entirely by microcontroller-controlled digital technology for milliseconds. There are no parts that are worn out and old in time.

  • AC Motor Driver

    AC motor drives are the modern, speed control machines which work with the IPM-SPWM technique that adjust the speed of 3 Phase The alternating current from zero to the desired value with high starting torque.

  • Uninterruptible Power supply

    Uninterrupted power supplies are a solution to systems that are connected to the outputs, called critical loads, which are not intended to be affected by power interruptions, and which must be supplied with very regular voltage and frequency.


Static Voltage Stabilizers

Static Voltage Regulators

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AC Motor Drivers

AC Motor Speed Control

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Uninterruptible Power supply

Uninterruptible Power supply

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DATADRIVE Series AC Motor Speed Control Devices?

3 Phase is a modern speed controller that operates with IPM-SPWM technique which can set the speed of the motor to the desired value from the zero with the high starting torque. It is a new generation motor speed control device which is designed according to the network conditions and facilitated and can adjust the values of the user which constitutes 80% of all driver applications such as engine motor maximum speed, acceleration time, deceleration time and braking time without battling the user with complex technologies. AC Drives It is used in a wide range of industrial applications. Constant speed is not suitable for all operations in all conditions, speed setting must be used in all applications required. For example;

In the case of familiar tools such as food mixers or electric drillers, or in more powerful versions, the pump speed must be adjusted to control the flow of water and industrial chemicals to ensure airflow regulation in large heating and air conditioning systems.

However, variable-speed AC drives are often used in more complex and challenging environments, such as water and wastewater processing, paper mills, tunnel drilling, oil drilling platforms, or mining.

With AC drives; normal operation also controls the stress of the system, and saves energy when performing a potential speed control.

Use of smaller fuses and supply links and reduction of peak loads on the electrical network by reducing currents drawn by the mains during start-up demolition and shutdown, Reduction of mechanical shock during starting and stopping, Speed adjustment as control tool, Acceleration control, Different operation speed for each operation, Allowing slow operation for installation purposes, Adjusting the production speed, Controlling torque or tension


Easy to use DataDrive motor drives are the best choice for all AC motor control applications. .

In the most commonly used fan and pump applications, energy savings of between 20% and 50% are achieved. For example; you can drive the fan with a fixed-speed motor, use a damper to limit the output airflow, or arrange the airflow by controlling the engine speed. Which of you is more efficient.

  • Advanced Technology Product
  • SPWM Modulation / IPM Module Power Stage
  • Compatible with our network conditions
  • Easy commissioning and use
  • Up to 50% energy savings
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Rational initial parameter

Your application's load conditions and ambient temperature are two of the most important factors that influence the determination of the correct driver power. If load conditions require sudden peak currents, you need to select the drive power on the motor label.

  • Starting Torque
  • Variable Torque / Constant Torque
  • Overloadability
  • 40*C, 45*C, 50*C Ambient temperature
  • Metal Body
  • Cooling
  • Unconditional Warranty and Service Support
  • Rational initial parameter
  • Switching Frequency ;The switching frequency is modulated to reduce the noise of the motor. In all applications requiring good driving quality at low speed,
  • DATADRIVE AC Motor speed controllers are designed using the latest technology in terms of software and hardware.
  • The motor is protected against overload and overheating.
  • Datadrive AC Motor Drivers have overvoltage, undervoltage, overcurrent and short circuit protection as standard.
  • The device generates a signal in sinusoidal form with PWM (Pulse Wide-Modulation) Pulse Width Modulation.
  • With the 8KHz switching frequency, the motor is operated in silence. Multiple motors can be connected to the output of the unit.
  • The programming menu is built in a simple structure that the user can easily understand.
    Over Voltage Protection = If the mains voltage exceeds 380V + 20% after 456V, the device switches to protection.
    Undervoltage protection = The mains voltage goes below 380V_20%, down to 304V.
  • Overcurrent Protection = If the motor current exceeds 200% of the nominal current, the device switches to protection.
  • Motor-Provided Voltage / Frequency Ratio
  • Setting the voltage / frequency ratio depending on the characteristics of the network, the characteristics of the motor and the application. For all fixed or variable moment applications without over speed or over speed
  • Frequency conversion gain
    In transient regimes, it provides driver adaptation to various power machines with the optimal operation possible. All applications from low-inertia and fast-cycling machines to high-inertia centrifuges.
  • Slip Compensation
  • Regardless of the load, the reference speed given to the motor speed by the automatic correction of the frequency is kept constant. All applications where the load torque varies greatly and the speed range is kept wide.
  • Automatic adaptation to the ramping ramp
    If the set time is too short due to high inertia, it will adapt to the deceleration ramp.In all applications that do not require controlled stopping in the deceleration rampThe DATADRIVE VFD Series is available in AC motors for a wide range of applications requiring speed adjustment.

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