• Static Voltage Regulator

    Datadigital-SVR is with no moving parts in the static voltage regulator. Voltage regulation is performed entirely by microcontroller-controlled digital technology for milliseconds. There are no parts that are worn out and old in time.

  • AC Motor Driver

    AC motor drives are the modern, speed control machines which work with the IPM-SPWM technique that adjust the speed of 3 Phase The alternating current from zero to the desired value with high starting torque.

  • Uninterruptible Power supply

    Uninterrupted power supplies are a solution to systems that are connected to the outputs, called critical loads, which are not intended to be affected by power interruptions, and which must be supplied with very regular voltage and frequency.

Our Products

Static Voltage Stabilizers

Static Voltage Regulators

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AC Motor Drivers

AC Motor Speed Control

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Uninterruptible Power supply

Uninterruptible Power supply

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Dataturk Electronic Engineering Industry Trade Company ?

About us
DATATURK; mainly producing and selling many products such as Motor Speed ​​Controllers for AC Motors, Static Voltage Regulators, Uninterruptible Power Supplies, and Static Transfer elements with input phase selectivity in the field of power electronics. Being one of the most reliable companies in the sector, which has determined quality as the main philosophy in all its works by keeping up with changing and developing technologies since 1983, it is aiming to produce perfect products in compliance with international standards and to provide perfect service before and after sales in order to meet and exceed customer requirements. Visit the reference shape of planned work with determination and Turkey, as well as proven as a company, increasing the effectiveness abroad, including the new markets are among the primary targets. Mobile internet trading fills the market with electronic products, electronic components, components and components that are partly dangerous to the market. The loss of sales resulting from product fraud constitutes a threat to brand image and trust at the same time as it is not only the financial burden of brand owners. In addition, this risk also touches consumers, who often unwittingly buy products that are of lesser quality and can harm themselves. The products that claim to have the same technical characteristics as the original appear to be alive. The solution is; it is only possible by choosing organizations that can offer genuine references with engineering knowledge and skills that can sign below sectoral experience, experience, technical specifications instead of low price indexed preferences. This way will save you less time and money. DATATURK has established the principle of highest quality in the field of production and service until its establishment.
Being a leading brand in all our products in the world and our country in the field of power control especially in Static Voltage Regulators. By keeping up with the technological developments in the sector, we aim to provide solutions that are suitable for the needs of the customers, respectful to the environment, professional and accurate projects on expectations and turn-key value-added solutions.


Tensure that our customers benefit from the advantages of production in TURKEY needs to offer solutions by identifying and correctly. While presenting these solutions, it is to increase the customer satisfaction to the maximum level by producing low cost, high technical equipment which conforms to international quality standards.

Our Values

Unconditional customer satisfaction


Respect for people and the environment

Continuous improvement

Responsible and respectful of business ethics

Quality and experience

Target-oriented operation



Business Ethics Policy

DATATURK Electronics Industry and Trade LTD. We value our priorities in all our business processes and in our customer relationships with integrity and honesty. Our relationships with our business partners are based on integrity and honesty. Our policy includes confidential and proprietary information about our company, information that can create disadvantage for the competition, trade secrets, financial information, information about personnel rights, information of our customers, employees and other related persons and organizations we work with and information on "Confidentiality Agreements" with third parties. Company employees avoid avoiding conflict of interest, avoiding the use of the company name and power to provide personal benefits. Our responsibilities listed in the name of DATATURK are summarized in the following headings:

Our Legal Responsibilities

Our Responsibilities to Our Customers

Our Responsibilities to Our Suppliers / Business Partners

Our Responsibilities to Employees



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